When you board your dog at Simply Paws, they will be treated to daily walks, fun and exercise in our doggie daycare and a large comfortable kennel for resting at night. Our caring staff spend time with your dog and make sure they get the care they need.

two dogs relaxing at daycare

Dog Boarding Fees:

$35.00 per night

$20.00 per night for a second dog sharing a kennel


10% off stays of 7-13 days

20% off for stays of 14 days or longer

Required for boarding:

  • Completed¬†Boarding Agreement (The agreement can be printed and completed ahead of time.)
  • Current shot records
  • Veterinary contact
  • All dogs should be spayed or neutered unless special accommodations are made.

Daisy, a daycare dog

Recommended for boarding:

  • Prior reservation
  • Food
  • Favorite Toy
  • Bed or blanket with the smell of “family”

All Fees Include:

  • A private kennel, furnished with a bed, food and water bowls
  • Administration of owner provided medications, if needed
  • One 15 minute outdoor walk daily
  • Daily play in our supervised daycare
  • Individualized feeding schedule


Owners should supply the same food the dog has at home to ensure the dog’s comfort. If not provided by the owner, food will be supplied for $1.00 per cup.